have faith, dear one. that changes your outlook & level of tolerance, both of which will lead to happier outcomes. can feel your spirit lift at the idea.



Dominant Hand: I’m grateful [my dog Dottie] is in such good shape & am bearing in mind that so far, so good with me, too.

never know what’s around the corner, so to speak, but fairly smooth sailing for now, which calls for gratitude.


After fretting about getting my lawn mowed:

have thought several times about [the new maintenance guy] saying, “it’s just grass,” and smile each time. certainly not a crisis!


the irony of the work issues continues to amaze: good at so many things that don’t include many parts of the job. very odd.


treating your body with the kindness & respect it deserves & appreciating its endless efforts is the essence of self-care & appreciation of the miracle of life.


cutting yourself slack is always challenging.


consider that fretting can stop money flow in its tracks.