Repeating History

have always been haunted by history’s tragic stories. get angry at others’  arrogant indifference about them: why stories are doomed to be repeated. feel country and world are in very dark time now. so easy to slip past the tipping point.

Literal Steps


as always, taking steps toward resolution – or literally taking steps! – is more beneficial than fretting & not moving.

Life’s Work

have always felt tenderness toward the earth. remember joy of seeing home movie of you as very small child holding armful of flowers & smiling at the camera. felt like verification of life’s work, a cause you were literally born to pursue. resulting beauty is a lovely bonus.



adventure doesn’t have to be grandiose. it’s moving forward one step at a time.

Never Too Late


knowledge is power, dear one. feel you’re in a gestation period of some kind. never too late to learn & grow.

Worthy Goal


freedom’s very important to you and liberation is angel cue. go easy today. free yourself from to-do list and be.

Noisy Creativity


have always felt [the greeting cards I make] talk to you & have been disappointed not to hear anything lately. childlike cards are always noisiest!