Losing Touch


feel she’s lost touch with the angels: can’t imagine them urging this pursuit that seems to be making her frantic.


The Body Knows


your body has been an effective instructor. learning to take advantage of days/times when energy level is strong & not assume that’s an unending, consistently-available supply.


not ready [to start a new endeavor] yet but curiosity is the 1st crucial step when you have the luxury of choice.



right this minute is all & everything you have. absolutely essential to understand & appreciate that.


reading about openness & acceptance. not rolling over: recognizing this is what’s happening now & trusting the outcome.

What’s Good


don’t discount fear. never good to hide or devalue feelings. but also never good to fret about things that likely won’t happen. just breathe, dear one, & trust.

Still Stands


as always: watch how you judge others & do the best you can.