make the most of this perfect day. let it fulfill its potential.



it’s good to be in the company of kindness, as you were yesterday. a whole other world continues to wait. join it whenever possible. even knowing it’s there is reassuring.

Love Affair


kudos for all the labors in the yard: many accomplishments. always more to do: can depend on the reliability of that. your love affair with spring continues.

Travel Karma


you’ve always been lucky in friends & even fate when traveling. have had fascinating talks with strangers you never saw again.

Dominant Hand: there’s even a bloom on one of the poor mountain laurels that are still in a pot in the front yard. Life goes on, huh?

yes it does, until it doesn’t. all kinds of clichés about that, some quite instructive. laurel’s obviously following the ‘grow where you’re planted’ one. lesson there about being potbound, which it surely is. you’re also constrained by your job but have made several friends & held your ground [!] when possible.

Fun Jobs


so much of that [former] job was fun & filled with friendly, supportive people. you got to shine & know you still can. brightly. somewhere. keep looking, dear one.


don’t let fretting interfere with this lovely day.