The Quiet Start


hesitated about writing on day off, but feel better when you do. know well the value of this practice. the day will be busy, making a quiet, contemplative start even more valuable.  


Baggage Claim


[in a work situation] you come with or as baggage. unfair but reality.

Ideas Surfacing


ideas [about income generation] continue to surface while writing. pay attention, dear one.




cue is liberation. set yourself free from negativity & watch yourself soar.





Kudos Earned


looked at last year’s calendar for December & surprised at all you accomplished despite job woes. kudos to your courage and  perseverance, dear one.


Loving Kindness: Accept this moment of reality for the miracle it is, the miracle you are.



Palpable Relief


cue is balance, dear one. 7 hours of job is price paid for what you’d much prefer to be doing but trade-off is now painless & much kinder. relief is palpable.