Soothing Flickers

simplicity is angel cue & certainly have felt it this week [of bitter cold & water & power outages]. life at its most basic: food & shelter. lovely to see candles burning. fire was the only source of heat & light for most of history. feels intrinsic & soothing still.

Writing early in the Texas Deep Freeze: feel very fortunate to be in your cozy house with worst worry being Dottie peeing! the thick blanket of snow in the brilliant sunshine is incredibly beautiful & rare. let it soothe your soul.

Making Allowances


Loving Kindness: The things that upset you are the things you allow to upset you. You can choose not to let that happen.

Writing about release from complete lockdown:  just flashed on being a chrysalis. emergence will be more powerful with the knowledge of lessons learned. your full page lockdown ‘amazement list’ is a good start. gratitude always is.

Soaring Choices


Loving Kindness: Life isn’t a competition. Life is daily choices. When you choose love, you soar.

Overdue Acceptance


you’ve been friends with her for decades. it’s likely time to accept her idiosyncrasies, as she’s accepted yours. peace is angel cue. seems especially appropriate here.  

Wasting Time


it’s never good to discount true feelings but distinguishing sadness from annoyance is encouraged! latter’s tied to fighting reality, pretty much a waste of time.




Newly New


relax into the new, new normal. will know when you can start lowering your guard one way or another. trust, dear one.

The Huge Chasm


there’s strength in listening to your body & honoring its signals. the days of having to push yourself are blessedly over. there’s huge chasm between having to & wanting to.




Having Choices


staying home’s not a hardship but having no choice about leaving is, likely more than you realize.