enthusiasm can be aimed in many directions & at many levels.



life’s never all or nothing, & it’s what’s in between that matters most.


[after listing some of the things I care about] could delve into each for  a much longer list: Dottie leads to all your beloved dogs. the house leads to comfort, prettiness, the garden, the fountain, birds [stopped to watch a cardinal in the bird bath, let her finish before refilling it]. watch for more glimmering examples.


imagine being around art & book enthusiasts. creativity – yours & other’s – has always been a powerful motivator, something you’ve always craved. high time to immerse yourself gratefully into it.


it’s hard to be objective but well worth the effort.


fear is based on past experience. doesn’t mean it’ll have to happen again. focus on rising above the inevitable curves to come. trust instincts and Loving Kindness for guidance.


find courage for due diligence, then enjoy yourself.