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Life Persists

Dominant Hand: I told him about all 4 of the rose ‘slips’ I started in January making it thru the recent ice storm unprotected & unscathed. The ones I’d tented in plastic per Central Texas Gardener [a local PBS show]. Knock me over with a feather.

Alternate Hand: life persists in the midst of loss.




Loving Kindness: Anything aimed directly at you that hints or accuses of imperfection gets turned into a weapon of self-abuse.

Dominant Hand: Well, shit.

Loving Kindness: Well, yes. Pretty hard to see that as positive. But seeing it at all is half the battle at least, sweetheart. And hard work.


Grabbing Joy


joy is your angel cue, there for the taking.


it’s lovely to have options for places to go & to feel safe enough [post-vaccine] to try them.




Yay Me

Dominant Hand: Just filled 1.5 trash cans with yard waste & didn’t break a sweat. That cheered me up.

Alternate Hand: nothing like instant gratification! and paced yourself so you wouldn’t get tired. pretty much a full body workout, too. kudos!



time to get moving, dear one. feel better when you do & grateful that you can. release feelings of annoyance to make room for happier replacements.







would be fun to finish Easter decorating. love the cheerful little faces that personify spring, your favorite season.



After writing about not being able to find help for yard work:

Alternate Hand: except for 1 landscape architect’s plan decades ago, all design & about 90% of implementation have been yours, including the gazebo & the entire back yard. how many iterations of fountains did you concoct? list back yard ‘helpers.’

I quickly listed more than a dozen and wrote,Wow.

Alternate Hand: exactly! and very likely will think of more. why would the stream of helpers stop? angel cue is grace, dear one. have the grace to be grateful.

keep hoping that Dottie will bounce back but her age can’t be ignored. so grateful for her company, especially this past year & during the ice storm. she’s moving her treats around: keep finding pieces on the guest room rug. last night found a piece of scrambled egg! she continues to entertain.