deep breaths & frequent smiles, dear one. both are therapeutic.

As Always


money saga continues its sad unfolding. would love to find a happy ending but that’s elusive so far. although as always, perspective is your choice.

Simply True


hard not to expect the worst but you read Tom Mangione’s quote – happiness is reality minus expectations – and felt better.


Kind Detour


don’t see a way off this angst-ridden path but you’re sure there are many waiting to be revealed. ’That would be me,’ as Loving Kindness wrote.




Speed Bumps


Loving Kindness: But there goes your mind again, fighting dragons. What if they were basset hounds, like his old sweet ‘speed bumps’? Smelling up the place & getting in the way but ultimately harmless & Just There?



let all this kindness overshadow the sad ones at work who likely feel they’re very kind, too.


you’ve always rebelled against rules you disagreed with. feel like they’re ganging up on you now. revenge of the silly rules!