[After writing about my  annoyance at a video that missed what I thought was the priceless part of the event]:

lesson there on perspective. you have your own small screen [my mind], as does everyone else. people can replay whether it’s in the head or hand. instinctively feel head is saner, gentler. maybe it depends on when images were imprinted there, & your ability & knowledge to discern what was being seen.




so blessed to be easily entertained.




haunted by the memory of her saying in the early stages of terminal cancer that it felt like  having a cold. no use projecting dire illness on yourself, dear one!

It Definitely Is


lots of plans for weekend but include down-time & self-care. world won’t end if outdoor lites stay outdoors! but decorating for valentine’s day’s another story: fun is self-care.


very grateful for energy & ability to single-handedly maneuver fairly heavy boxes & [so far!] have place for everything. purity of the joy & self-satisfaction this brings you is not to be underestimated.


she doesn’t trust [a co-worker] & you’re not sure you do, either, but feel options are weighty. patience for now, dear one. see what happens.

Small Splurges

Dominant Hand: I keep waiting for the old-lady ditch/simplify syndrome to kick in but zero sign of it so far.

figure it’s because you finally have money for small splurges & feel like indulging yourself. why not?