don’t pin your future on this project: drawing conclusions is always dangerous. do your best, then release.

Soothing Words


rest now, dear one. you’ve earned it.



you can only offer support in whatever way she wants it. which might be not at all.


no tenderness in sight in current world situation. all could change in a heartbeat. a new perspective – an unfathomable one, really. every-day life with its trials & smiles vs. chaos & destruction. love your life, dear one.



[a co-worker] is good at playing games that don’t interest you. it would be much easier if they did but you’ve always found them hypocritical. others see them as the path of least resistance. as Loving Kindness says, you’re a stubborn soul.

More Steps


one step – large or small – at a time, dear one.



you can’t really plan for humor, but you can open yourself to its healing powers.