she’s from a different generation that doesn’t seem to grasp the importance or impermanence of the personal, tangible, irreplaceable essence of life.




figure out how to escape the hamster wheel [trying to find money], which could be by not climbing back on it.


you’ll miss [a child I’ve mentored] & hope to keep in touch but she’ll be off on new adventures in middle school. have done your best for 5 years and you’re both happy with the results.


Still True



all you can do is try, dear one.

Loving Kindness: The reason you’ve been told you take things too personally is because your formidable strength & sense of humor aren’t always adequate buffers. Strength means independence & intelligence but also kindness, which is why unkindness from someone you trust hits you so hard.


you know & hear about many, many people who are quietly heroic. take heart from that & strive for it yourself. unsung, exalted company.


opportunities for kindnesses are rarely planned or at least often spontaneous. be on the lookout for them.