the sun is shining: huzzah. enjoy your place in it, dear one.


Such a Kindness


you are strong and don’t need to prove that to anyone. except yourself, which is wearing you down. how could it not? consider a truce, even a temporary one. it would be such a kindness.



Loving Kindness: I’m always here, which you know on some level that’s not deep enough to do as much good as it could. I’ll take whatever you’ll let me have.


Tapping Into Fun


know you’re much less caustic than you used to be, which makes you kinder. making cards somehow taps into that. maybe because you’re focusing on making something fun or lovely, something to be enjoyed.


disdain for people who don’t agree with you would be better served by curiosity.



Always Better


taking the high road [with a former manager] is always better and doesn’t equal hypocrisy: it equals being professional. 



The Best Path


in the long run, kindness & self-care is always the best path.