I Shall Return!


Dear Friends,

I’m taking a vacation and won’t be posting new Glimmers until mid-October. Thank you so much for reading: be back soon!


Already Here


she had the gift of faith that you’re ‘trying’ to achieve. stop trying! it’s already here. just because you don’t recognize it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. look for ways it’s real to you instead of waiting for a ‘big reveal.’

[Tana French’s] ‘The Witch Elm’ mentions a woman’s keen appreciation of art. a little surprised & charmed: didn’t realize it’s considered unique, because it’s so intrinsic. to know it’s a gift is lovely. sad to think of anyone not open to its magic. wonder if there really are people not moved by some form of art & kind of doubt it because it can be so many things, from music to food to theater to sports. any type of perfection. maybe the gift is being able to recognize & be amazed by it when you see/experience it. absolutely transcending. not only a gift: a blessing.


[After writing about memories] more reminiscing in the luxury of time.

Body Talk


lie down, dear one. heating pad & comfortable bed beckon. always best to listen to your body.      

Weaving a Life


pull back & see how you’ve woven your life. examine with curiosity, not judgment.

What Remains

Just a reminder: these are snippets from my Alternate Handwriting sessions. [For more about AH, check out some of my early blogs.] Although written by and “to” me, I hope these glimmers are also of service to you. There’s one for today below. PLEASE NOTE that any advertisements that may appear are not approved or sanctioned by me.

[After writing about closed shops and absent friends] savor the things & people who remain while they do. much to savor, dear one.