just thought of the phrase, the purity of curiosity. have often been told you ask lots of questions and that you’re smart. two are indelibly linked.

As Always


as always: there’s no use in projecting.

if you can’t work in the yard, you can take time to view & admire what you’ve already accomplished. very grateful to look out on park-like setting filled with birdsong & the sound of the fountain splashing. let this sense of peaceful contentment balance the onslaught of negativity & fear. nature patiently persists. let it guide & soothe you.


you’ve rebelled against forced anything most of your life. especially intolerant when rationale is flawed or – even worse – nonexistent. it’s why outreach/right to know has been at the core of your career. the next weeks/months will be an interesting test for you – and the world.


hard not to take things personally altho’ you know they’re not: they’re reality.


happy to have the energy to work for hours in the garden. convinced it’s essential to mental & physical health. 


all things are better when you sleep & [my little dog] Dottie eats! this is one of those days. enjoy, dear one.