you know you can charm & intrigue people who interest you. be aware of who that is & isn’t. much to be learned from that pattern, those choices.



hold onto the vision of having time to do the things you love & follow your instincts.


the only thing holding you back is money: no, the fear of lack of it. money’s all around you, dear one. purity of purpose: release fear and doubt.


feel you deserve peace and happiness at this stage of your life and of course you do.


[after writing about a micro-manager]: keep reminding yourself you have options & let whoever wants to do work you don’t like do so.


read Janet Connor’s e-letter about ‘receiving’ prayers [she writes about being a prayer agent] & understood completely about being an instrument of communication.

Guard Duty


 Loving Kindness: Your guard has been up since you were small. It scares you to wonder why. My simple offer: don’t wonder why. Just give the guards a well-deserved rest.