Reluctant Warrior


Writing about a work situation:

feel you must defend yourself & other potential victims: not all will be warriors like [a co-worker] – or you, dear one.


Forget the Cracks


enjoy this time of promise instead of looking for cracks in the veneer.

Dear Stomach

With alternate handwriting, you can write to and from your body. A few years ago I had heart surgery. Here’s a conversation I had recently that gave me a new perspective on how my body works:

Dear Stomach, you’ve been so cast-iron for so long. Why are we having these bouts of nausea?

getting things out of system. cleansing.

Are the things related to work?

related to anger/frustration. that’s what’s being cleared.

Is there a better way to clear them?

change or accept things causing them.

But these things have been happening for over a year. Why haven’t you reacted sooner?

build-up gets to be too much. helping heart. we all help each other. my turn.


never forget that self-care comes from love, of which Loving Kindness is the ultimate source.

New Awareness


be aware that this will increase his method of self-protection, which is attack.



allowing time for peaceful contentment is a gift to give yourself as often as you can.



read a great quote in Lincoln in the Bardo. re-read it & remember that patience is cue:

“All we can control is the spirit in which we give.”