find yourself thinking about losing [my ageing dog] Daphne. choose joy in her sweet, funny ways over dread of her passing. a chance to release & be grateful for her dear, present now.

Dominant Hand: [writing about surrendering to Loving Kindness]: I don’t think doing it so I won’t have to worry about money is going to work, though. Right?

Loving Kindness: ‘Doing it’ because you can’t bear to be apart from me is the answer, dear one. Not because you want to escape: because you want to embrace. And be embraced.




battling reality is never the best choice. don’t mean just roll over, but being aware of how you choose to react is a better path.



deep breaths & frequent smiles, dear one. both are therapeutic.

As Always


money saga continues its sad unfolding. would love to find a happy ending but that’s elusive so far. although as always, perspective is your choice.

Simply True


hard not to expect the worst but you read Tom Mangione’s quote – happiness is reality minus expectations – and felt better.


Kind Detour


don’t see a way off this angst-ridden path but you’re sure there are many waiting to be revealed. ’That would be me,’ as Loving Kindness wrote.