have done footwork. fretting/pushing for more is controlling, futile, & a betrayal of trust.


We Can Hope


you’ve long seen money as a trickster. what if it’s tiring of the game?



thought of it as criticism. you can see it as an observation instead.


After writing about a straightforward conversation with a potential employer:

sanity & professionalism: have been looking for that for 4 years without finding it. tired of chaos & disrespect. ready-more-than-ready for peace.


to turn your back on the people & things that bring happiness is such a disservice to yourself & them. the enthusiasm cue isn’t a cruel joke: it’s a path to salvation.

Doubling Up


do not sink into projections of doom, dear one. know well that if negativity is pursued, it will be found. the same can be said for positivity, tho’. a big part of which is choosing hope, doubling up on gratitude for whatever you can find to be grateful for.



accept the reality of this moment. not yesterday, not tomorrow, not this afternoon:  now.