all you can do is keep them in your heart & offer comfort if asked.


keep reading. books come to meet you, per Jonathan Safran Foer.


Time Out


take time for things that are important/engaging/fun for you.

Such a Wonder

re-reading E.L. Konigsburg’s ‘The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place.’ such a wonder. write the paragraph that rang like a bell last nite:

“He knew that she had a tendency to mistake rules, her rules, for principles. She did not bend because she did not have enough confidence to know when or how far.”

circles back to fear, & you feel you have your own to deal with. don’t need anyone stoking the fire.


‘tenderness’ is your cue for today, one of your favorites. bestow it everywhere, starting with yourself.


he wrote that his body has betrayed him. felt sad to read it. you wrote him that you’re convinced the body ‘hears’ such thoughts & recommended kind ones instead. apologized for unsolicited advice but felt strong reaction from your own body.


feel like windows [or bars!] may finally be opening, at least temporarily. enjoy without worrying  about them slamming shut again.