Loving Kindness: Try turning negative reactions on their head – that image alone has the strength of silliness. Don’t overlook the power of silliness. It can diffuse any situation with its humor.



you do a lot of nurturing, dear one. some of it to circle back to you & some is for kindness’s sake. all are of equal value. let the truth of them bring equanimity & peace.      

Better By Far


think she believes this is a compromise to your concern, instead of the escalation you 1st thought it was. better to give the benefit of the doubt than to feel angry at neighbors.


the longer lockdown equals the opportunity to dig deeper, make new discoveries. blessed to understand & appreciate this. blessed to have this [alternate handwriting] practice to draw it out, see ‘new’ angles. that were there all along.

faith can apply to much besides the immediate connotation, including faith in your own kindness & willingness to question yourself. don’t let questions lead to judgments, dear one. let them lead to forgiveness & acceptance. the willingness to ask them is a blessing in itself.


so much is completely out of whack now. hold on to the gratitude of sufficiency you feel right this minute. long hard road to get here.

Opening Space


see what happened once you did footwork (phonework!) & then released. when you stop trying to control, you open space for miracles & kindnesses wonderful to behold.

All We Have


life is very comfortable at present, which is always all you have.

Pretty Much


planning is angel cue. fun/useful for projects, pretty much useless for bigger things – like life.



enjoying the lovely, evocative writing of ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ [by Frances Mayes].