the world is full of wonders. seeing even ‘bad’ things as part of them is an effort worth making. not least because the contrast lets good things shine more brightly.



not a thing wrong with courage, dear one. but there’s nothing wrong with calculated retreat, either, when it’s to your advantage. doesn’t have to be literal: turning attention elsewhere works, too.


JB [Judge Betty, my inner critic] kicks in & she’s not known for her funny bone! definitely has the courage of convictions. laudatory on many occasions, but you don’t always know the whole story & can be self-righteous, something you hate.

Every Iota


Loving Kindness: Accept every iota of yourself and your life. Release regret. It doesn’t serve you. Nothing that brings pain serves you.


take good care, dear one. give your loyal, hardworking body the attention & care it deserves.


Loving Kindness: Worrying will get you nothing but panic. There’s nothing beneficial about either one. No Thing. You, on the other hand, are Every Thing.

 it would be good to find more time for this [alternate handwriting] practice so you can dig deeper. best when you lose yourself in it.  insights waiting to be discovered when can get past trappings of every day things. all worthy of your attention ‘cos all part of your life. but so are feelings, patterns, truths, longings. wonders to be treasured.