The One Thing

told her this [alternate handwriting] practice is the one thing in your life you’re most sure of, that you trust completely. feel sometimes while writing that you go blank, which isn’t frequent but does happen & means you’re getting to the most powerful part of it.




Loving Kindness: Exhausting work, fighting reality. Accepting it can be a much more playful idea. You can feel the difference.



Simple Joys


find joy in simple, true things like Dot [my goofy little white dog] & roses.



he picks a word for the year as inspiration & this time it’s ‘innovate.’ not sure for yourself. possibility is an option. connotes curiosity, creativity & other positive aspects.


Mood Lighteners


knowledge of what you’ve been through & the help you found along the way can lighten your mood from grumpy to grateful.



your cue is healing, & that starts with you. feeling gloomy & pessimistic doesn’t solve anything or soothe your spirit. if Anne Frank could still believe in goodness, so can you.


Luck Recognized


Dominant Hand: We need all the luck we can get these days.

and to recognize the luck you have.