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With alternate handwriting, you can write to and from your body. A few years ago I had heart surgery. Here’s a conversation I had recently that gave me a new perspective on how my body works:

Dear Stomach, you’ve been so cast-iron for so long. Why are we having these bouts of nausea?

getting things out of system. cleansing.

Are the things related to work?

related to anger/frustration. that’s what’s being cleared.

Is there a better way to clear them?

change or accept things causing them.

But these things have been happening for over a year. Why haven’t you reacted sooner?

build-up gets to be too much. helping heart. we all help each other. my turn.


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will equals way. consider willing release, ‘making’ time to relax & enjoy the miracle of being.

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why the increase in wine [consumption]? takes ‘both’ of us to tackle that one. anger involved somehow. are you up to digging?

Dominant Hand: I don’t know: maybe a dab of excavation. I’m angry that I have to be tortured by a little [expletive] at a job I dislike with no end in sight unless I want to be poor again. I know: projecting poverty. Based on bitter experience.

also know you’d get social security income so wouldn’t be starting from scratch. probably wouldn’t hurt to make another appt. with employee retirement system to see status & options.



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aim for joy today and stay the course.

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Dominant Hand: I keep waiting for the old-lady ditch/simplify syndrome to kick in but zero sign of it so far.

figure it’s because you finally have money for small splurges & feel like indulging yourself. why not?

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Loving Kindness: Don’t second guess or fret. A tall order! But the path to peace.

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As I begin my 7th year of these daily postings, here’s a reminder: these are snippets from my Alternate Handwriting sessions. [For more about AH, check out some of my early blogs here and my website at www.bettyrogers.com]  Although written by and “to” me, I hope these glimmers are also of service to you. There’s one for today below. PLEASE NOTE that any ads that may appear are not approved or sanctioned by me. 

feel free to rest on your laurels, dear one. making people happy is a wonderful event to witness.

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