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feel tired of being annoyed: no fun for you or anyone else. consider how anger at a very small number of people can color much of life.


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With alternate handwriting, you can write to and from your body. A few years ago I had heart surgery. Here’s a conversation I had recently that gave me a new perspective on how my body works:

Dear Stomach, you’ve been so cast-iron for so long. Why are we having these bouts of nausea?

getting things out of system. cleansing.

Are the things related to work?

related to anger/frustration. that’s what’s being cleared.

Is there a better way to clear them?

change or accept things causing them.

But these things have been happening for over a year. Why haven’t you reacted sooner?

build-up gets to be too much. helping heart. we all help each other. my turn.

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consider the essential value of nothingness.

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[After writing about strained relationships]:

look for cracks in walls: may turn out to be facades or scale-able. let love be your guide. your heart will recognize the best path.

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 [After writing about my  annoyance at a video that missed what I thought was the priceless part of the event]:

lesson there on perspective. you have your own small screen [my mind], as does everyone else. people can replay whether it’s in the head or hand. instinctively feel head is saner, gentler. maybe it depends on when images were imprinted there, & your ability & knowledge to discern what was being seen.

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Dominant Hand: I keep waiting for the old-lady ditch/simplify syndrome to kick in but zero sign of it so far.

figure it’s because you finally have money for small splurges & feel like indulging yourself. why not?

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you recognize that many of your own actions/reactions stem from very old patterns & subconscious beliefs. get peeks thru blinders every once in a while that surprise & illuminate.

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