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this [alternate handwriting] practice lets you put the day in perspective, pull together patterns you may have missed as they were occurring. very powerful, dear one.


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 it would be good to find more time for this [alternate handwriting] practice so you can dig deeper. best when you lose yourself in it.  insights waiting to be discovered when can get past trappings of every day things. all worthy of your attention ‘cos all part of your life. but so are feelings, patterns, truths, longings. wonders to be treasured.

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feel tired of being annoyed: no fun for you or anyone else. consider how anger at a very small number of people can color much of life.

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With alternate handwriting, you can write to and from your body. A few years ago I had heart surgery. Here’s a conversation I had recently that gave me a new perspective on how my body works:

Dear Stomach, you’ve been so cast-iron for so long. Why are we having these bouts of nausea?

getting things out of system. cleansing.

Are the things related to work?

related to anger/frustration. that’s what’s being cleared.

Is there a better way to clear them?

change or accept things causing them.

But these things have been happening for over a year. Why haven’t you reacted sooner?

build-up gets to be too much. helping heart. we all help each other. my turn.

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consider the essential value of nothingness.

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[After writing about strained relationships]:

look for cracks in walls: may turn out to be facades or scale-able. let love be your guide. your heart will recognize the best path.

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 [After writing about my  annoyance at a video that missed what I thought was the priceless part of the event]:

lesson there on perspective. you have your own small screen [my mind], as does everyone else. people can replay whether it’s in the head or hand. instinctively feel head is saner, gentler. maybe it depends on when images were imprinted there, & your ability & knowledge to discern what was being seen.

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