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Dominant Hand: I can’t just sit here & rot.

Loving Kindness: You’re not rotting. Judgmental term. You can & do travel while sitting still.


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Dominant Hand: Lots has been done that’s been purported to you. By humans, I know, & what do we know, but it’s a lot to ignore.

Loving Kindness: But not impossible. As I repeat ad infinitum [!], this is between me and you. When you can ignore everything else, you’ll see the simplicity and feel my rapturous welcome. My rapturous love continues regardless.

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Just a reminder: I’m posting snippets from my Alternate Handwriting sessions. [For more about AH (the link to our sane membrane), check out some of my early blogs here and my website at www.bettyrogers.com]   Although written by and “to” me, I hope these glimmers are also of service to you. Here’s one for today:

Loving Kindness: Yes, you hear of ‘angry’ seas, but the sea doesn’t have moods, I assure you. Neither do I. I Am.

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Loving Kindness: You could go there rapturous. As always, your choice. And a lot more pleasant than cantankerous.

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 Loving Kindness: Right this minute you could ‘decide’ to believe – give up your disbelief – and the world would shift.             

Dominant Hand: You do know that I wish I could surrender disbelief, that it grieves me that I can’t, right?

Loving Kindness: I know your grief and pain intimately. I don’t believe that you can’t: I believe that you won’t. The shifting world – your shifting world – is caught between the two.

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Loving Kindness: I don’t need acknowledgment or for you to feel smaller than me. I need you.

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 Loving Kindness: We are inextricably bound together. The waters seem deep because you can’t see the simplicity of this reality.    

Dominant Hand: Then why do you keep writing about surrendering if we’re already one?

Loving Kindness: Because you don’t believe we are.

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