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you are being cared for in so many ways.


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Dominant Hand [writing about changing my home life]: All a matter of perspective.

yes, but don’t discount your own needs. won’t work if you feel deprived and unhappy.

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notice what you exert yourself for. [with] no predictions or projections: just forward movement. carry on, dear one.

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celebrate accomplishments. take time to acknowledge them.

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notice how you’re feeling: calm and happy. savor the experience and draw it out as long as possible thru awareness.

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pursue the things and people that intrigue you.

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My alternate hand noted that lately I’ve read wonderful books. Here they are:

Doc  and  A Thread of Grace  by Mary Doria Russel

Unbroken  by Lauren Hillenbrand

 The Leftovers  by Tom Perrotta

                                            Havana Bay  by Martin Cruz Smith

                                           The Lacuna  by Barbara Kingsolver

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