she told you sad family secrets & then retreated, which often happens. listening’s a service you perform & speakers can regret, altho’ believe it’s helpful for them to release & you never repeat the stories.

Good for Them


angels always find you, dear one.

Exercises Galore


exercising creative thinking’s a useful exercise.



well aware of the precariousness of life in general, which makes you grateful for what you have & very protective of it.

New Mantra

[I often compare the right and left sides of the brain to Charles Schulz’s Linus (right) and Lucy (left)]:

sweet, simple analogy that nevertheless packs a wallop. ‘what would Linus do?’ could be new mantra! [My inner child] Little Betty got a jump start with security blanket. new versions of blanket can be powerful tools.

Oh, Yeah


people have different opinions, dear one. it would be a very boring world if they didn’t. you have many strong ones yourself.



[My inner critic] Judge Betty’s expectations about a creative project are having an impact: it’s supposed to be easy & fun, by dang!