choices, dear one. never-ending source of happiness or misery, depending on which you pick.



fun to be doted on & spoiled. no reason you can’t continue the momentum they all sweetly started.

It Would


letting frustration & fear blind & deafen you to this lovely morning would be a shame.



many joyous memories. use them as an antidote as necessary.


Much Comfort

Dominant Hand: I wish I could see a good solution.

Loving Kindness: That would be me. Ultimately. In the meantime, seeing that reality just is & that you’re in control of how you respond to it can bring much comfort.






 touched by housekeeper’s story of taking her son to put flowers on unadorned graves on Memorial Day: said she wanted to teach him to respect & think of others.


still feel a sense of dread at going back. dread’s not inevitable dear one. your feelings & reactions are entirely up to you.