The Basics


Loving Kindness: Hunkering down is one response but often not the best one. It intensifies stress when you live in fear. I recommend living in faith, as you know. Those are basically your choices.


Peaceful Options


very tired of fighting. feel you have to protect yourself but there are other ways to do it. asking questions [calmly!] is one. not making assumptions is another. listening is always helpful.

For You, Too



tenderness is cue. this means you, dear one.      


staying calm & rationale will likely throw him off. might even be fun to watch.

Yes I Do


  you always get where you’re going eventually!


Moon Struck


got glimpse of gorgeous full moon & immediately felt drawn to find a better view. started walking, at one point with arms in front like a zombie, and laughed.

Blessings, Period


again: blessing related to lack of negative outcomes. blessings period, dear one. they’re everywhere.