you’ve been 2nd guessing the cover email ever since you sent it. worked carefully on it & wrote from the heart. attached resume that outlined capabilities & achievements. nice balance, & no pretense. not a bad path to follow every day! 




funny little Dottie: nice to have a healthy, frisky dog who’s 11. poodle mixes seem to start slowing down at 9 or 10. wouldn’t trade any of them, tho’. sweet treasures.



you have irons in the fire, dear one. don’t discount them or yourself.



feel rebellion mounting: have never tolerated arrogance well, especially when decisions affecting you are being based on it. but you also know that blustery behavior’s based on fear.  


Writing about people who’ve helped me in my home:

memories everywhere you look. and loving loveliness. and new ideas! so many gifts, including your own creativity & dedication. pride & gratitude co-existing peacefully.

Steady On


Dominant Hand: I feel like I need to gird my loins [so to speak] for whatever gets thrown at me this week.

and have faith you’ll be able to deal with it.



it’s a lovely morning. flowers and birds are exulting. no reason you can’t, too.