Waiting Their Turn


love having time to reminisce. memories seem to group themselves, patiently waiting their turn.


A Contribution


your soul is stirred by art. may be why decorating is so easy & fun for you: contribution to beauty.

Kind Wisdom


much wisdom gained over your lifetime. using it kindly is the best path.

All Live Happily


love the idea of seeing [my little dogs] again someday but all live happily in your memory.

Focus Shifting


there’s nothing wrong with judgment as long as it’s not turned into a negative outlook [or ‘in-look’]. shifting focus to laughter will help shift judgment.


Dominant Hand: I’m trying to observe without judgment here!

tricky! judgment of others always poisonous for all concerned & mostly for you.


enough projects to keep you busy for a long time & the luxury of having it. know you can’t predict the future & that things can change literally in a heartbeat.