How Can I?


feeling pleased & satisfied at the end of the year would be a major change. how can you make the time before then a process of achieving it? a worthy commitment!



the atmosphere [at work] is so pleasant you’re almost afraid it can’t last. be grateful while it does & accept that change is inevitable.



committing to tolerance & kindness to yourself & others is certainly a worthy goal.

Soul Food


be on the lookout for new opportunities to cook for friends. It’s good for your soul to feed people.




Dominant Hand: I’m tired of being ambushed.

Loving Kindness: Consider that you’re not being ambushed. You’re choosing how to react to reality.


 Just a reminder: these are snippets from my Alternate Handwriting sessions. [For more about AH, check out some of my early blogs,] Although written by and “to” me, I hope these glimmers are also of service to you. There’s one for today below. PLEASE NOTE that any advertisements that may appear are not approved or sanctioned by me.

pace yourself & enjoy the holiday season, keeping expectations low.


There’s the Rub


you have a very outgoing personality but crave peace and quiet.