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peace, equanimity in the face of adversity (real or perceived) would give you boundless new perspectives. acceptance is the answer.


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Just a reminder: I’m posting snippets from my Alternate Handwriting sessions. Although written by and “to” me, I hope they’re broad enough to be of service to everyone. Here’s one for today:

your responsibility is to act with integrity and be true to yourself.

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whatever you feel is perfect as long as it’s acknowledged.

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miracles abound: enjoy!

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seems to be your time to wait. what will you do with this time?

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In I See You Everywhere, Julia Glass wrote, “Prayer is pointless but indispensable. The membrane of sanity.” Alternate handwriting is a link to our sane membrane.

At a recent presentation, author Jason Alba suggested writing daily ‘blog tips.’  So I’m going to start posting snippets from my AH sessions. Although written by and “to” me, I hope they’re broad enough to be of service to everyone. And I’ve been wanting to use this photo of the aurora borealis forever!

Here’s one for today: regretting the past is pointless but understanding it in a new way is powerful.

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Giving Thanks

OK: another story about the micro job. I’m beginning to think of it as confirmation of a line from one of Neil Finn’s songs: everything is good for you if it doesn’t kill you.

So I’m enjoying finding weird business names but the incessant chatter and chuckling continue. Then I find out that Ted, the adorable young man who’s sat next to me through this whole experience, has been accepted into the Air Force and is leaving in 3 days.

Ted is 25, extremely bright, well-read and open-minded. We talked a lot about books and especially movies. He was the one I mentioned in Dreaming and Scheming (7.25.10) who said the experience was Zen-like. His favorite in the weird names category on the Franchise Tax form: the title of Exalted Leader. Throughout the day Ted also listened to his I-Pod, read, and played on the internet. He was the fastest typist I’ve ever seen and would whip out dozens of forms at lightning speed so his “numbers were good.”

When he told me he was leaving I said, ‘Then I’ll leave, too.’ I couldn’t imagine being stuck there in complete isolation. Plus we only had 2 weeks left before the job ended.

I guess it was Loving Kindness who sent me the brainstorm of digging out my old Walk Man tape player. I know: Luddites Live. I don’t  have the right headphones to listen to cds on the computer or a portable cd player, much less an I-Pod. I do, however, have dozens of mixed tapes that I’d made in the days before we could burn cds. And the Walk Man still worked.

I grabbed a handful of tapes and went to work that Monday wondering if I’d be able to listen to them and still  concentrate on the data entry. I’m thrilled to say that the answer was yes. I popped in a tape and there was Richard Thompson, one of my all-time favorites. Not only that, but the tape had been made by my friend Bill, and I’d completely forgotten I had it.

Anyone watching me must have enjoyed the show. I was singing along silently, tapping my feet, nodding my head in time. (I have a great sense of rhythm and actually played percussion in a warm-up band for a BB King concert a hundred years ago.) I discovered old favorites and songs I didn’t remember hearing before.

When the chattering got louder, I just cranked up the volume. (One of my mixed tapes is called “Crank It Up” and starts with Lloyd Cole’s Half of Everything.) It was a total blast.

Earlier in my struggles with this job my alternate hand had asked, Can you make it fun? Now I wrote, ‘I’m so happy about the Walk Man and my old tapes. They’ve been a gift and have made the week without Ted, with Renfield et al going strong, much more pleasant.’

a gift you recognized immediately, AH responded. reminders of Bill and all the great music he introduced you to. follow instincts re sending him a thank you note… open mind and heart to possibilities. write more thank you notes. WRITE.

So I wrote a note to Bill, short and straight from the heart. You know how some things just feel absolutely right? That’s how this felt. At Thanksgiving, I made a batch of cards and wrote thank you notes in each. I keep thinking of other people to thank and I swear the whole experience has made me feel more expansive somehow. Quite a change from the hunkering down mindset. Quite a pleasant change.

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