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[after listing some of the things I care about] could delve into each for  a much longer list: Dottie leads to all your beloved dogs. the house leads to comfort, prettiness, the garden, the fountain, birds [stopped to watch a cardinal in the bird bath, let her finish before refilling it]. watch for more glimmering examples.


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I’m going to be out of pocket for a couple of weeks so I’m posting very early blogs. My wonderful website has lamentably disappeared, so I thought these more- descriptive posts might be useful. I imagine coming onto this site cold can be pretty confusing, since there’s often just a few words. My deep respect for the 314 people who’ve decided to follow me anyway. I welcome any and all questions and can’t recommend this practice highly enough. It’s kept me sane through many tough times.

I’m often asked about the correct way to do this writing. Does it have to be at a certain time of day? Does it matter whether I use a pen or pencil? Lined or blank paper? How much time should I give it? What if I already hear a response as I’m writing the question? What if nothing happens after I write a question?

I respect this sincerity and always hope it’ll be a comfort when I say that the only thing I know for sure is that  having  expectations of what will happen will stop this writing cold. Trust the process. Write when you feel the need or curiosity, on whatever and with whatever feels comfortable. Write down whatever comes to you, however it comes to you. If nothing happens, rephrase the question. If that doesn’t work, try another question, or try writing your full name with your alternate hand a couple of times.

These aren’t rules: they’re ideas that have helped me and others. Welcome your own ideas. And give your inner critic a little holiday as you welcome your own results.

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itching to get started with your day off. take a few minutes to count your blessings right this minute.

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Loving Kindness: Anything aimed directly at you that hints or accuses of imperfection gets turned into a weapon of self-abuse.

Dominant Hand: Well, shit.

Loving Kindness: Well, yes. Pretty hard to see that as positive. But seeing it at all is half the battle at least, sweetheart. And hard work.


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peace, equanimity in the face of adversity (real or perceived) would give you boundless new perspectives. acceptance is the answer.

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Just a reminder: I’m posting snippets from my Alternate Handwriting sessions. Although written by and “to” me, I hope they’re broad enough to be of service to everyone. Here’s one for today:

your responsibility is to act with integrity and be true to yourself.

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whatever you feel is perfect as long as it’s acknowledged.

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