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take good care, dear one. give your loyal, hardworking body the attention & care it deserves.


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 [after debating with myself whether to go to work when ill]:

classic contest between Little Betty [inner child] and Judge Betty [inner critic]. you know in your heart who’s ‘right.’ use the energy you’re spending on this to heal instead.

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feel tired of being annoyed: no fun for you or anyone else. consider how anger at a very small number of people can color much of life.

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 Just a reminder: these are snippets from my Alternate Handwriting sessions. [For more about AH, check out some of my early blogs here and my website at www.bettyrogers.com]   Although written by and “to” me, I hope these glimmers are also of service to you. There’s one for today below. PLEASE NOTE that any ads that may appear are not approved or sanctioned by me.

body’s very wise & observant. has served you well. good to acknowledge its steadfast work. a friendship to be trusted.

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With alternate handwriting, you can write to and from your body. A few years ago I had heart surgery. Here’s a conversation I had recently that gave me a new perspective on how my body works:

Dear Stomach, you’ve been so cast-iron for so long. Why are we having these bouts of nausea?

getting things out of system. cleansing.

Are the things related to work?

related to anger/frustration. that’s what’s being cleared.

Is there a better way to clear them?

change or accept things causing them.

But these things have been happening for over a year. Why haven’t you reacted sooner?

build-up gets to be too much. helping heart. we all help each other. my turn.

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haunted by the memory of her saying in the early stages of terminal cancer that it felt like  having a cold. no use projecting dire illness on yourself, dear one!

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you feel fine right this minute — as always, all you have. all you need.

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