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[Through alternate handwriting] Loving Kindness is offering chance to love yourself unconditionally, a gift you’re coming to understand. acceptance will be wonderful.


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stop blaming and start enjoying. your being relaxed will help everyone.

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letting go doesn’t mean giving up anything except what hurts. why do you keep holding on to pain?

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when you were a channel for Loving Kindness it felt wonderful, not subjugating. empowering, kind, perfect. your whole life can be like that if you’ll let it. as always: it’s up to you.

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I’m continuing my daily alternate handwriting sessions. I get up early so I have time to write first thing in the morning. It sets me on a path of calm compassion. I may veer off later, but it’s so wonderful to start out soothed.

I’ve told a few friends about one I wrote recently, and they suggested posting it here. I hesitated because it’s a prayer, and those are very private. My friends said it’s a beautiful prayer and might be of service to others. So here goes.

Dominant Hand: Panic, panic….Oh, why list all of the reasons. Please help me calm down. Is it possible to calm down?

Alternate Hand: yes, dear one. we ask Loving Kindness for bountiful calm and an end to this damaging train of thought. show us a sign we can understand, please. help send soothing, peaceful thoughts. let us connect with someone who can help. let us understand our own strengths & capabilities, which are bounded only by our fear. let us be shown kindness and compassion today, & give us the courage to do what we can & know we are capable of doing. make this a joyous day. let us see all as good because it is.  

What was especially intriguing while I wrote was that AH used the term “us” instead of “you.” It usually writes directly to me, as demonstrated in the ‘conversations’ throughout this blog. This time there was no separation.

And I had a joyous day. Everyone I talked to seemed to want to go out of their way to help me. The day ended with a meeting that was so much fun and so helpful that I laughed all the way home. I got every single thing I’d asked for in my prayer and I recognized each of them as they occurred.

I have a small set of bells hanging off the back of the passenger seat in my car. I call them my angel cues. They’re often silent, but all the way home from the meeting they were chiming away. “I know,” I said to them. “I hear you. This whole day has been a miracle.”

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you are a wonderful person! there is not one perfect person on the planet.

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ok to be afraid: we’re allowed to feel our feelings. not feeling them, hiding them from all, especially self, is disservice.


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