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why the increase in wine [consumption]? takes ‘both’ of us to tackle that one. anger involved somehow. are you up to digging?

Dominant Hand: I don’t know: maybe a dab of excavation. I’m angry that I have to be tortured by a little [expletive] at a job I dislike with no end in sight unless I want to be poor again. I know: projecting poverty. Based on bitter experience.

also know you’d get social security income so wouldn’t be starting from scratch. probably wouldn’t hurt to make another appt. with employee retirement system to see status & options.




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Dominant Hand: I edited my response altho’ it’s probably still snippy.

hard to keep your tone pleasant when you feel besieged.

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 Loving Kindness: We are inextricably bound together. The waters seem deep because you can’t see the simplicity of this reality.    

Dominant Hand: Then why do you keep writing about surrendering if we’re already one?

Loving Kindness: Because you don’t believe we are.

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Loving Kindness: Distress is punishment in a way, and it’s not coming from me, sweetie. The only thing coming from me is love.

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re-reading E.L. Konigsburg’s ‘The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place.’ such a wonder. write the paragraph that rang like a bell last nite:

“He knew that she had a tendency to mistake rules, her rules, for principles. She did not bend because she did not have enough confidence to know when or how far.”

circles back to fear, & you feel you have your own to deal with. don’t need anyone stoking the fire.

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as always: all about choice. picking ones that are kindest right this minute – not based on unknown future – is true act of trust and self-care.


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controlling behavior comes from fear. have been accused of it yourself. chance to learn, dear one.


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