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Not long ago I was doing some much-needed clutter clearing in my office. I have a horizontal file cabinet with a large drawer packed with carefully filed papers I hadn’t touched in years. They represented many years of successful, interesting work so I kept shying away from the idea of tossing them.

On the other hand, I also had stacks of beautiful art paper that I use for making greeting cards that were rolled haphazardly into large bags. I had to move the bags to get to the filing cabinet. One of those little annoyances that impact us more than we realize. Plus a big “don’t” from a feng shui perspective.

So I spent a couple of hours going through the papers and managed to ditch about 90% of them. In went the art paper and suddenly that whole section of the room felt lighter and even friendlier somehow.

But here’s the best part: as I was sorting files I found an unlabeled folder with Smokey the Bear on the cover. (I’m a big fan of Smokey: saw him when I was six and to this day use “his” pocket  calendars. In case you’re interested, his 66th birthday is on August 9th. )

Imagine my surprise when I opened the folder and found a drawing of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. I let out a squeak and started going through the papers and it turned out to be a Creative Career Coaching class from the University of Texas continuing education series (soon to be ditched, I believe, which is a real shame).

The class was in April, 2003. And suddenly I came across page after page of alternate handwriting! I had completely forgotten anything about it, I swear. I’ve always thought I’d only tried it in response to a few questions in a self-help book.

Wrong. The teacher had us go through several different scenarios using AH. I got a kick out of this one and thought you might, too. The teacher called AH our “inner brat” and encouraged us to let rip against our “inner critic.” We made a list with our dominant hand of negative words and “can’t” messages, then answered back with our alternate hand.

A dab of background: when I took this class I’d been running a statewide nonprofit for nearly seven years. I was the only staff and responsible for all fundraising, including my salary. This job would go down in flames two months later. I knew on some level that I was fighting a losing battle but was too stubborn to give up.

Here’s the list of “can’t messages” and responses:

Dominant Hand: not making enough money

Alternate Hand: how much is enough

DH: too critical

AH: stop

DH: too bossy

AH: some people need to be lead

DH: drive people away

AH: good riddance

DH: let myself be dominated

AH: not very often & figure out what buttons they’re pushing

DH: afraid to send books to publishers

AH: why

DH: not daring enough

AH: pretty damn daring playing without a net

DH: set in ways

AH: ways work pretty well all things considered

DH: can’t raise money

AH: I’ve done it all myself for almost 30 years

DH: not generous

AH: it depends

Only when someone I respected told me that my AH ability was  a rare talent did I take it seriously. Too bad: I was definitely on to something back in 2003 and life would have been easier if I’d kept writing. As you’ll see in Circuitous Route to AH in Pages. I’ve posted Part 6.

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