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I really don’t know how I survived without alternate handwriting. I did, for 50-plus years, but how? I mean it, you guys: it’s a gifted therapist at your fingertips. I wish I could convince everyone on earth of its simple, compassionate power.

Right now I’m in such a tenuous financial situation that it’s a wonder I can… You know what: it’s just a wonder. All my life I was careful with money: savings bonds, IRAs, retirement accounts, savings accounts. Poof: all gone.

So I’m living from month to month. I’ve been so sure I could make a living teaching about alternate handwriting and I haven’t given up, but meanwhile I’m not making a living teaching about it. I’m working a data entry temp job that brings in about half of what I need. Or have convinced myself that I need.

Yesterday on a whim I picked up a copy of the original cast recording of Man of La Mancha at the library. My sister had the album back in the ’60s and I’d listened to it a hundred times, but not since then. On the way to work this morning I started singing along with The Impossible Dream.

Now, this song has been recorded to the point of pain, usually so melodramatically it’s laughable. But there’s something about the original singing of it by Richard Kiley that’s pure and simply beautiful. Who of us hasn’t had some sort of ideal we wanted to achieve? I thought of my own dream of bringing alternate handwriting to the world and damned if I didn’t start crying while I sang.

I’ve been doing some AH sessions, trying to calm my frantic brain. Last night it wrote, dearie, what good does fretting do? A couple of weeks ago it wrote, give yourself much credit for everything you’re doing and trust that Loving Kindness will handle the rest. we will. try to stay curious and grateful: very potent combination.

I loved that my alternate hand wrote we will, and underlined it for emphasis. Loving Kindness is within me and you and the universe and Richard Kiley’s heartfelt singing of a lovely song. LK guided me to check out that cd, after hesitating for several minutes and even putting it back on the shelf. How curious. And how grateful I am that I have it now.

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