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 Just a reminder: I’m posting snippets from my Alternate Handwriting sessions. [For more about AH, check out some of my early blogs here and my website at www.bettyrogers.com]   Although written by and “to” me, I hope these glimmers are also of service to you. Here’s one for today:

he personified the negativity you’re trying to overcome. a long, hard road but happiness, contentment, tenderness await. a pilgrimage, in a way. blessings on your journey, dear one.


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stories heard & told. real conversations: a rarity these days.


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My alternate hand noted that lately I’ve read wonderful books. Here they are:

Doc  and  A Thread of Grace  by Mary Doria Russel

Unbroken  by Lauren Hillenbrand

 The Leftovers  by Tom Perrotta

                                            Havana Bay  by Martin Cruz Smith

                                           The Lacuna  by Barbara Kingsolver

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Dominant Hand: Will I be able to keep a job?

Alternate Hand: you did for decades!

So to recap, my goal in life is to spread the word about the power of whole-braininess: firing on both hemispheres of the brain through alternate handwriting. In the process of writing my book, I thought I should explain my past careers to show how different they were from what I’m doing now.

Then I decided the book would be more powerful if it was about other people’s AH breakthroughs. So I shortened my work history to about a page. But I really liked what I’d written, particularly because — my favorite — I incorporated other people’s writing. These are little pieces of student essays from long ago. Although none of them had anything to do with working, I found they perfectly described my own situations. And they made me laugh.

Here’s one: These heartwarming stories suck. The gauntlet is thrown! My goal is to get you to try alternate writing yourself. I’m hoping after reading what’s brought me to this point you’ll say to yourself: if she can do it, so can I.

I’m also hoping that my story doesn’t suck.

In our society, we’re often defined by what we do for a living. In my case, it was environmental community outreach. This was before “outreach” became a form of propaganda. Now it seems to mean giving people the opportunity to disagree, then going ahead with whatever you want to do. Back in the day, it meant changing your plans if people disagreed.

They say that being fired ranks right behind divorce in catastrophic events. I was “let go” four times within a period of 10 years. I understand the loss of definition that comes with losing a job. It’s a very, very hard thing to go through. In my case, it lead me to my compassionate right brain. But I went there kicking and screaming.

I’ve posted Part 1 of my career story (Early Days) in Pages.

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right brain writing 5

I was fretting about not responding to several literary agents I met at a writer’s conference who’d agreed to review parts of my book-in-progress. My dominant hand wrote ‘I feel like I’m sabotaging myself.’ My alternate hand pointed out that I was doing several other proactive things and then asked, why are you putting off agents? seems like punishing self either way (not contacting & berating self for not)

No surprise: I’d set myself up by hoping that instead of what my left brain judged as ‘polite interest,’ I’d get agents salivating over my manuscript. I felt this way despite hearing that, as my dominant hand noted, ‘Some writers didn’t even get what I’m calling “nibbles.” Nibbles are better than outright rejection. ‘

AH noted that a serious underlying problem was the hideous home equity loan I have and my non-ending frustration with the mortgage company: upsetting & worth acknowledging. can you use anger/frustration to your advantage?

Instead of answering (I’m curious about why I didn’t), my dominant hand wrote, ‘Help me figure out this blog deal.’ I’d been told for years I should be blogging and had resisted strongly. AH had a cool idea: you love telling stories & have been meaning to make list of favorites. can you try that: make list? Judge Betty [my very active and vocal inner critic, a/k/a  JB] would approve, half the battle! she’s in overdrive re book and agents.

‘Yes, she is,’ my dominant hand replied. ‘So is not placating her coming from [my inner child] Little Betty?’ For the first time I felt a small hesitation from AH, but as I started writing it disappeared: always…? can you see her sticking her tongue out? tough when instinct is to fight & you end up fighting yourself!

Amen! I went ahead and started a list (2 pages so far) of some of my favorite stories. Seeing a blog as a story helped immensely: it changed the idea from what JB had been calling ‘navel gazing’ to something fun to write and I hope to read.

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