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Loving Kindness: What would you have me do?

Dominant Hand: Give me a sign that’s so clear I can’t mistake it. I write that with a great deal of fear, you know.

Loving Kindness, Yes, I do know. Life is a sign, sweetie. Everything is a sign, not least this writing. You’re surrounded by signs.




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you feel a shift toward expansion. do everything you can to encourage it.

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you’ve learned much about stress & may be close to being bored with it. good! reaction to latest reality twist is – as always – up to you.

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you did your best, dear one. all you can do.

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Dominant Hand: I don’t think I even know what acceptance means.

Loving Kindness: Look at that sentence, sweetie. ‘Think,’ ‘know’ & ‘means’ are what’s keeping you from acceptance. Will you never stop trying to understand? You’ll never understand. That’s the point, sweetheart.


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look at [a work change] as a gift to you, not a burden to them. not your responsibility to make assignments, dear one.

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Dominant Hand: dear body, do you know why I have this rash?


Dominant Hand: Against what? Are you afraid?

because you are.      

Dominant Hand: It’s all about feelings, isn’t it?

always. being sick is a way to get your attention.

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